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Dimitrios Kelembelidis's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

  • This is the Story of Dimitrios and the beautiful life he lived.
  • Online Memorial

Memorial Biography

Jimmy was born in Kiato, Greece in 1943.  His father was a poor fisherman and was one of 8 siblings. Being raised poor never kept Jimmy from believing in himself. After completing the Navy, his friends who also believed in him encouraged him to come to America; and that he did in 1963.

Upon his arrival, he reunited with some of his childhood friends who were residing in Brooklyn. He quickly opened his first business and shortly after began to frequent the bars and caberets of Greenwich Village. That was it!

Greenwich Village was his first love. He fled Brooklyn and moved his business to Bleecker Street, NYC. There he found his second love-Eleni, who lived around the corner and became a frequent customer.

Soon after they married and had Dimitri Jr. and then Thalia. That was also the beginning of the legendary Beasty Feast. Here Jimmy conquered his dream; came to America, married the love of his life, had two beautiful children and ran a successful business.

You will be greatly missed and will remain in our hearts forever.

***The viewing with take place at the Greenwich Village Funeral home located at 199 Bleecker Street, New York City between the hours of 6pm-9pm.

***Memorial service with be held at the St. Elefterios Church located at 359 West 24th Street, New York City

Further details to follow